The Hello Poster Show


I was recently forwarded a call for entries for the Hello Poster Show to design a poster with the theme Forces of Nature. When thinking  about this theme, my mind goes directly to tornadoes. When I was young I lived in the Midwest, and while I don’t recall ever seeing a tornado (too busy hiding out in the basement, or huddling against the gym wall at the elementary school), to this day I have tornado dreams. The idea of the letters swirling around inside the tornado comes directly from listening to too much NPR during this presidential primary season (too much talking and the words all become meaningless).

Of all of the entries, 16 were chosen and printed (2-color silk screen) and will be displayed at the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale on April 5, 2012. All proceeds from the sale of the posters will be donated to Youth in Focus, a non-profit after school photography program for at-risk youth.

Unfortunately, I went to all of the trouble to design the poster, but then missed the submission deadline (curses!), so now I’ll never know if I would have made the cut.

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  1. It is beautiful though!

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