Mike Hipple Photography ‘Creatives Project’ Promotion


I recently created a self-mailing promo piece and a postcard for photographer Mike Hipple’s Creatives Project. For the past year or so, Mike has been photographing a variety of creative people who he finds inspiring including performers, painters, musicians, designers, writers, video artists and more. I, for one, find his photographs inspiring and they remind me that creativity comes in many different guises.

Over the past few years, Mike and I have been collaborating on a series of photos and paintings we called “the conversation”. The series starts with a photo by Mike, which I use as inspiration for a painting, which Mike uses as inspiration for a photo, and so on. You can see what we’ve done so far here.

You can also see more of Mike’s work at hipphoto.com where at present there are no fewer than three photos of me in the portfolio section (guess which ones). For up-to-date images, check out his blog or follow him on twitter.

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