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I was recently forwarded a call for entries for the Hello Poster Show to design a poster with the theme Forces of Nature. When thinking¬† about this theme, my mind goes directly to tornadoes. When I was young I lived in the Midwest, and while I don’t recall ever seeing a tornado (too busy hiding […]

I recently created a self-mailing promo piece and a postcard for photographer Mike Hipple’s Creatives Project. For the past year or so, Mike has been photographing a variety of creative people who he finds inspiring including performers, painters, musicians, designers, writers, video artists and more. I, for one, find his photographs inspiring and they remind […]

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently opened their Visitor Center. Located right across the street from Seattle Center and the Space Needle, it’s a great place to learn about the foundation’s mission, play with some cool interactive displays, or, if neither of these things appeal to you, the public restrooms are nice, clean and […]