Blasting off Mishmash Art & Design


Earlier this summer when the path of my career led me back to freelance design, I gave some thought to what I should call my ‘new’ company. Before working for the foundation I had been a freelancer under the moniker “Lava Lab Creative”. ‘Lava’ was a shout out to the floor of my then-office, ‘Lab’ presumably for all of the good design I’d be concocting. In fact, my tagline was “concocting the perfect solution” (thanks Lori Hinton for that gem).

Fast forward (ahem) ten years, and Lava Lab just didn’t feel right anymore. Meanwhile, in the intervening years, I had another little company I called mishmash (since what I did was a little bit of this and a little bit of that). The business started with hand-made greeting cards I sold at I Heart Rummage, a little monthly craft fair that was held at the Crocodile Cafe. I soon realized there wasn’t much money in greeting cards, so moved onto handbags and a variety of other things. Several years and one broken toe later, I decided that craft fairs and mishmash were labors of love that I just wasn’t loving anymore, so mishmash was sent on a sabbatical.

Fast forward again to June of this year and what to call my freelance company. Some suggestions included: Design Time with Allison Kline™,  AK-47 designs. with the tagline: “You won’t miss if you hire AK-47!”, and Eine Kleine GrafikMusik. While all of these are interesting, I came to the conclusion that mishmash actually fits the bill quite nicely. Now with a newly refreshed logo we are go for launch!

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