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Education Pioneers 2011 Fellows Showcase Collateral Project: deliverables include 70+ page Fellows guide, programs, posters, PowerPoint presentations, and other supporting materials for seven separate events. Recruiting Materials: Deliverables include 16 page brochure, inserts, flyers, PowerPoint templates, and a trade-show booth. —————————————– Education Pioneers aims to dramatically improve American schools by creating new education leaders, preparing […]

Today I went to press check my beautiful new letterpress business cards at Day Moon Press, an amazing letterpress shop located in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. The couple who run the place are really welcoming and both times I’ve been in there I’ve managed to spend a really long time chatting and hanging out. I […]

Earlier this summer when the path of my career led me back to freelance design, I gave some thought to what I should call my ‘new’ company. Before working for the foundation I had been a freelancer under the moniker “Lava Lab Creative”. ‘Lava’ was a shout out to the floor of my then-office, ‘Lab’ […]